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Gears of War 5 details map builder and new modes in trailer

Gears of War 5 Map Builder and Escape Mode Details

Developer The Coalition has just announced a handful more details about their upcoming entry into the multi-billion dollar franchise, Gears of War. This announcement takes the form of two new trailers meant to hype gamers and fans up for the two biggest additions to multiplayer with Gears 5. There’s the explosive Escape Mode, as well as the creatively inspiring Map Builder.

The map builder is quite impressive, offering gamers the chance to completely rework existing maps into entirely new layouts. Those of you who played Halo 3 and later titles will be well acquainted with this kind of feature. And as someone who wasted many a hour making dumb maps and themed levels in those games, it looks like Gears 5 might get a bit of my attention for this too.

Escape Mode is a bit more structured, but offers just as much fun. This new take on the classic Horde Modes of older games in the genre offers a much more competitive and tense atmosphere for shooter fans to enjoy. After all, you not only have to deal with endless swarms of angry psychotic beasts hellbent on eating you while also trying to outrun a bomb. I can’t imagine anything going wrong with that setup, nothing at all.

And with cross-platform matchmaking being a thing in this new title, games will have plenty of competition to gun down within the bloodsoaked ruins brought on by the struggle with the Locusts.

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Gears 5 is due on September 10 on Xbox One and PC.

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