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Play Madden 20 For Free This Weekend

Play Madden 20 For Free This Weekend

We’re marking off the 100th season of American Football for the NFL this year, and even video games are getting in on the celebration.

EA Sports is offering you the chance to play Madden 20 for free, until the 8th of September and you can take part in the free trial on any platform that the game is on.

Another big reason for this push, aside from celebration, is that EA is introducing an entirely new game mode that’s not unlike the classic NFL Blitz. Called KO Superstar mode, it features a much slimmer version of the gameplay.  There’s one offensive possession for each premade team (there’s eight to choose from), no field goals or punts, pared-down playbooks, mandatory two-point conversions and a sudden-death overtime tiebreaker.

The actual team compositions are wildly different to the base game as well. You pick both your coach and team of players at the start, both from a preset roster of choices. Each coach and player has their own stats and focus, with powerful choices like Tom Brady granting specific bonuses to certain aspects of the team you compose. So once you pick your team, be ready to hit the ground running. Gameplay is fast and furious, with few breaks in between, this turns the typically 30-45 minute online matches into much shorter 10-20 minute affairs. More tactical players looking for quick NFL fun should get plenty of fun here.

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Check out the new mode down below in a special gameplay trailer. We also included a more general gameplay trailer too. The new mode is available as part of a free update on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

The game not only features the KO Superstar mode, but there’s far more depth in this sports title that fans will want to tackle. There’s a full franchise mode that fleshes out the management sim aspects of the franchise by taking parts of the MyTeam mode and rolling them together with the drafting and team management aspects from previous years. No Universe Mode though, sorry you still won’t get to run your own league.

Madden 20 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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