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NVIDIA GeForce 442.19 WHQL driver released,

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The new NVIDIA GeForce 442.19 WHQL driver offers improved performance in games, expands features and adds more hardware support. Let’s dive into what the newest green team GPU drivers have in store. For starters, there is some improved optimization for Zombie Army: Dead War 4 and the Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC. These new games just dropped, so it’s nice to see NVIDIA on the ball with support.

There’s plenty of stuff coming on the performance front. Variable Rate Super Sampling (VRSS) is getting some adjustments in GeForce 442.19 that should help with performance overall in various titles. The focus for this patch is on improving compatibility with VR titles, which is cool.

Another change concerns the recently introduced Maximum Framerate setting. The ranges for the Maximum Framerate setting have been expanded to between 20 FPS and 1,000 FPS. That way, pretty much any display can now be locked at a certain framerate regardless of refresh rate. And speaking of displays, some G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors have been given official support. The ASUS VG259QM, Dell AW2521HF, and LG 34GN850 are all officially supported with this driver update.

Finally, some bug fixes were dropped into GeForce 442.19 for certain games, with a focus on The Witcher 3, Doom 2016 and the newest Call of Duty. Other bug fixes for SLI stutter on certain displays are also included.

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You can download the NVIDIA GeForce 442.19 WHQL driver from here. You can also find the relevant patch notes here.

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