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Monster Hunter Rise talks DLC and gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise talks DLC and gameplay

Some new technical details have been released for Monster Hunter Rise, detailing plans that Capcom and Nintendo have for their latest mainline game in the iconic series. Capcom UK Community Manager Josh Dahdrai sat down with YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming to talk about the game and gave away some very juicy details. For one thing, we got more details on the RE Engine being used to power the new Switch title.

The RE Engine is well-known in this generation for powering some quite visually impressive games. The Resident Evil remasters and RE 7 both ran on versions of the tech. From there, it would seem a bit of a stretch to pair the engine with Monster Hunter, but that’s what’s happening.

The target will be 30 FPS, as is standard for the Switch. The gameplay will revolve around hunting monsters of course. Players can expect to see less focus on a hub system like in Monster Hunter World, but there is some of that DNA in this new game. We can expect Capcom to port over assets from the previous game onto this new Switch title, giving them a new lease on life. And thanks to the power of the engine, it’s likely going to run pretty well on the portable console. The monsters will also be a mix of new and returning species from previous games, all wandering around the world freely without loading screens.

Capcom is clearly gunning for this to be the new main game in the franchise, rather than a spin-off.

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The genesis of the Monster Hunter franchise is all about portable gaming, so it’s nice to see Capcom return to the space, considering the unfortunate end of the 3DS. It’s pretty clear that Capcom wants to repeat the success of the release of their last MH game, as they’re taking lessons learned into this project.

Monster Hunter Rise will also free content post-launch, similar to how Monster Hunter World got title updates and new hunts. THe details aren’t available yet though. And yes, you are getting a Palico companion again. You also get a pup too, which is nice. There will also be amiibo support. which can be used to generate unique cosmetic apparel for your character in-game.

If you want to see more, check out the new trailer for the game.

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