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How to farm Oxium in Warframe

How to farm Oxium in Warframe in 2019

Farming materials in Waframe is a huge deal. Getting enough of any resource in this game, where crafting is a huge part of the gameplay, takes a lot of time. And there are entire groups of players dedicated to gaming the resource system and developing the optimal farming strategies. There’s tons of different resources in this game, all of them with different drop chances and sources. And with the rarer resources, it’s even harder. One of the rare resources that many players have trouble with is Oxium, and it’s used in a ton of high-end crafting. So we’ve collected all of the tips for farming this particular resource. With all of that said, here’s how to farm Oxium in Warframe.

Oxium comes from Oxium Ospreys, and these units can spawn during any Corpus mission. Killing one will drop Oxium anytime you kill one. These can also be found in containers during certain mission types. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Oxium is spawned from Corpus enemies primarily. Playing Corpus Excavation, Defense, Survival, and Mobile Defense missions can offer a decent amount of Oxium as well.

The best planets and nodes to farm Oxium

  • Endless Corpus missions are best for pure drops.
  • Corpus Excavations are a good second if you have a good group.
  • Kiliken – Venus – A good individual node for new players.
  • Jupiter – Io – Good group zone with many enemies, bring along good support frames to keep Energy flowing. Also has Amalgam units that drop Hexanon.
  • Jupiter – Elara – Survival Mission that spawns Ospreys after about 10 minutes in-mission.
  • Lua – Tycho – Survival Mission that spawns Ospreys after about 10 minutes in-mission.
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Oxium can also be found by destroying Storage Containers, completing low-tier Bounties across multiple zones. The Bounty Tier determines how much Oxium can be earned from completing said mission. Tier 1 missions can drop 100 Oxium, whereas Tier 2 missions reward 250 Oxium. You can also get 250 Oxium as a reward on the C-rotation on the Sabotage nodes on Uranus.

General Tips and Gear

For Warframe choices, some of the best abilities to use to farm Oxium in Warframe are based around AoE and sustaining long farming sessions. Here are some recommendations:

  • Nekros with his Desecrate buffed will deal great DPS.
  • Ivara with Prowl can increase Oxium drops from the Ospreys.
  • Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm also leads to higher drop rates.

Aim for Elemental damage as a pure source of DPS, it works best against Ospreys. Also, you need to kill them quickly as they explode after a short time and yield no drops.

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