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No Man’s Sky Outlaws update lands, adding pirates bases and more

No Man’s Sky Outlaws update brings smuggling, pirate settlements, and more

The next phase of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is here. Dubbed the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, it offers a big expansion to piracy in the galaxy. And given the focus on outlaws, that’s the core focus of the update. Players will notice new pirate outposts and planets and in orbit. Exploring these locations will yield new technology trees and other updated content. Players can act against or for the pirate factions in-game. But not content to just let players help the pirates, you can become them as well. There are encounters throughout the galaxy where you can head in, steal some loot, and make a dastardly escape.

The new ships and missions are just the start. Players can build a reputation with their plunder, earning new rewards to deck their ships out with. They can even field a recruitable squad of ships to help out in raids and other missions. And you’re going to need the help, as space combat has been improved with better AI, to make the affair more challenging.

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Players will have much more than pirate bases to explore as well. The official patch notes detail all the different changes and new additions. An entirely new class of Mega-ships called Solar Ships is being added to the stars. These impressive titans of technology offer players the chance to discover new and unique technologies, as well as taking on new missions. All of this ties into a grander storyline with players having to help uncover even more secrets of this enigmatic galaxy.

Aside from new gameplay content, there are even new customization options to fool around with. Characters are being given new clothing options, including capes and hoods to customize their characters with.

Check out the trailer for the update down below.

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