Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Launch Trailer


With the Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV coming out on June 20, the wheels of the hype machine are spinning. Earlier today a launch trailer for the expansion was published, which you can find below. But lets take a second to review some of the changes that Stormblood is bringing to FF XIV.

As we discussed in our most recent preview post for Stormblood, much of the action centers around streamlining the jobs, and the roles those jobs play, within the game. As of Stormblood, PvE and PvP for all classes will see a rebalancing in the number of actions a character can use in combat, with a major focus on simplifying the rotations players use. Players will also be able to participate much earlier than they could previously. Patch 4.0 will also introduce new “action pools” that allow various classes to fill the same roles within PvP. It will also now be possible to earn EXP in PvP maps as well.

You can read a full rundown of changes here.

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