How to complete the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife

Once again, players in CandyWriter’s mobile sim have a weekly challenge to knock out.  The King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife is the run this week. The challenge starts from the lap of luxury, but very quickly goes south. You need to start as a king, then get exiled. It’s a rather big fall too, as you will then eventually join the mafia of all things.

How to complete the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife

Here are each of the steps, in order, you need to finish off for this challenge. It’s going to be a bit of work this week.

Start by making a male character, it’s best to do some prep to finish the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife.

Now you need to become king or a queen in BitLife. The best way to do this quickly would be to use God mode to force the starting character into one of the countries below. You can speed this process up that way. If you haven’t got that option, keep changing characters until you get one in the royal family in one of these nations. That’s the best way to do this. You then need to age up until your parents die and you ascend to the throne.

All countries with Royalty in BitLife

Here are all the countries that allow you to become royalty in BitLife:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Monaco
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • UAE
  • United Kingdom

Your path forward depends on how you want to get into the royal family. That’s going to involve whether you want to start in a country with royalty, which will make this go faster. Players can use the Bitizen premium feature to force certain changes on their character and then make it much easier to get into the royal family. Once you get there, you need to get exiled.

Rise Again

When you ascend the throne, you now need to lower your overall fame meter to get exiled. Look in the Activities taband you will notice a Famous option. This has many different options you can undertake, focus on crime. You need to get yourself thrown out of the country you are royalty in, then you need to return and build your life anew. To return to your nation, use the Emigrate options from the Activity tab. If you cannot return, try to age up once or twice before attempting again.

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When you need to join the mafia, that’s going to be a big ask on its own. it’s a good idea to get ahead of this before you try and join, and do some crimes. Do some petty crimes like theft and grand theft auto before you turn 18. That’s a good way to build up some criminal rep. This will then help you when you want to join the Mafia.

Once you have gotten enough of a criminal reputation by successfully performing crime, click on the “Occupation” tab, there will be a Special Careers category in that menu. Within that menu will be various specialized crimes you can commit. Get more criminal experience by committing more crimes. Eventually, you will build up a big enough reputation to join the family you desire.

Here are the six criminal empires you can join:

  • The Irish Mob
  • The Latin Mafia
  • The Mafia
  • The Russian Mob
  • The Triad
  • The Yakuza

You don’t need to get too high into the organization, but you do need to put in work. You will need to get a little friendly with your fellow made members. Then, you might even need to wack some mafia members to get into the right position. Be careful of competition, and keep earning. You can often try to get your hands on plenty of cash through lucrative heists, but you need to be a little lucky to not end up in prison. Eventually, you’ll be asked to become the underboss.

There. you have now finished the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife.

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