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The Last of Us Part I is officially coming to PC

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part I is another remaster of the PlayStation classic. So yes, it’s a remaster of a remaster. The Last of Us Part I is described as a total overhaul of the original experience. I don’t know how much I believe that. The new version is supposed to have modernized UI and controls, but there’s not much to modernize. The UI elements in the original and the remaster of the Last of Us were already tuned to the PlayStation, so don’t expect much to change, really.

It’s not just controls and the UI that’s improving, according to the devs. Graphical comparisons have highlighted increased detail in character models, leaving a slightly more photo-realistic impression of the visuals. Being a PS5-led release, you wouldn’t expect too much to change. But it has since been confirmed that there will be a PC port. However, it will not release simultaneously with its PS5 version.

And that’s going to be a huge deal. Fans are already pointing out how much stronger the facial animation is within the remake. From Ellie’s anger when killing David to Joel’s intensity during certain scenes, the two protagonists feel more lifelike. The environmental details has also been tuned, with more realism pumped into lighting and reflections. Based on what has been shown for The Last of Us Part 1 thus far, Naughty Dog has clearly made some substantial visual upgrades.

Naughty Dog claims that it has rebuilt the game for PS5 and PC. As said, the PC version will release after the PS5 version (which comes out on September 2nd).

The Last of Us and its remasters were released to huge amounts of both critical and fan positivity. The game’s where an instant classic. Years later, a sequel was finally released, to a lot less fanfare. Fans criticized some of the writing and character choices, saying that Ellie was a lot less likable a character in the second game.

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