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Black Legion stands against CFC in YA0-XJ

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Another day, another battle in EVE Online. A skirmish has broken out in YA0-XJ wherein Black Legion stands against CFC on it’s own.  And as one would expect, chaos has ensued.  Current totals stand at ~19 Billion ISK in losses for both sides. With 72 ships lost for BL, while the CFC has lost 278.  Nearly half the standing forces involved appear to have been destroyed.

(UPDATE: Since time of writing, it appears as though BL has been taking steady losses, with over 13 Billion ISK out of the 21 Billion total lost between both sides.)

It appears as though GSF members were ratting in the system when BL decided that it was time to jump on them and try to score a quick win.  The CFC reacted by trying to bring in overwhelming force.

Executive Outcomes
Fatal Ascension
Fidelas Constans
Get Off My Lawn
Goonswarm Federation
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
RAZOR Alliance
SpaceMonkey’s Alliance
Tactical Narcotics Team
The Bastion

All these Alliances where arrayed against BL, and it appears that BL though losing in terms of ISK lost has scored a moral victory of sorts.By exploiting apparent mistakes by GSF members to bloody their nose in a staging system.  Although most of the CFC losses appear to be due to pilots reshipping and rejoining the fight repeatedly after being killed.

It seems certain that tensions and conflict between the two groups will continue. Black Legion. loves to harass their various rivals and enemies. And since they showed up in the home systems of the CFC, there’s likely plenty of bloodthirst on both side. Whether it’s just for “gud fights” or squabbling over strategic objectives, fighting will seemingly continue.

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