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World War Z crossplay support added in new update

World War Z crossplay support added in new Dronemaster update

World War Z crossplay will now be a thing. Players across various platforms will be able to play together for the first time. The game released last year on PC and consoles and brought cooperative zombie action into the mainstream. Though it has no real connection to the book or films of the same name, this game still has some things to love.

Saber Interactive has added cross-play support to World War Z. The new patch also brings in fixes for some older content to balance it around increased volumes of players and other issues.The update also adds a bunch of new features around the crossplay stuff.

The newest addition with the most impact is the new Dronemaster class. The Dronemaster class allows players to weaponize aerial units via drones to stun zombies and slow the flow of the undead. this can be used for both offensive and defensive methods to keep your team alive. The arsenal also got larger with the inclusion of a new semi-automatic grenade launcher, the ACW-20.

World War Z crossplay will open up some very competitive multiplayer opportunities. The game could well see an upsurge of players thanks to those coming back to try out the new content, as well as the new players coming in for the first time.

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Check out some of the new content in the trailer below.

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