Null Sec Sov Fights

PL and CoW brawl in LowSec

In the system of Uanzin, several Cult of War Supercaps were lost to a massively overwhelming PL op.

Although small in terms of actual value lost.  This just goes to show that PL are committed to finding content wherever it lies.

A mixed force of PL capitals and subcapitals were able to entrap the CoW ships in a brilliant mix of luck and timing.  CoW was apparently moving supercaps out of it’s home in Insmother through the Derelik region.  Ostensibl;y with the purpose of redploying assets to support N3’s gains in Delve and Querious.

PL scouts had spotted the  small force moving through and set an ambush in the system of Uanzin.  And as the supercaps were moving through they sprang the trap.  All of the CoW ships were lost in quick succession.

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