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Marvel’s Avengers Has Lost 96% Of Its Players Since Launch

Marvel's Avengers Slashes Emotes and Takedown Prices

Marvel’s Avengers has lost 96% of its player-base on PC, according to Steam player stats. The game launched on a higher of around 30,000 players and has plummeted in player counts since then. It seems that the last vestiges of loyal fans are sure to stop playing as time goes on.

After losing 87% in October, only an average of about 800 players has logged in during November at all. And it’s not looking good for the prospects of that changing. Players just aren’t coming back. And despite patches and promises of more content, it looks more and more likely that the game will be left to rot. Why do I say that? It’s because the game is a huge financial burden.

The average online user counts from Steam Charts were down around 1,400 at the beginning of this month, and after only two weeks, we’re down to around half that. And with it being a multiplayer-focused title, matchmaking issues are sure to be happening right now for the few still playing the game.

Based on the financial results briefing of Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers has caused a major financial ding in the outlook for the publisher. Various folks within the industry have taken a deeper dive, and been able to figure out that sales for Marvel’s Avengers were only about 60% of what the publisher had hoped for. Exact details aren’t known, but it’s projected that the game only sold around 3 million copies on a budget of more than $170 million. That’s projected at around a $60 million loss for Square Enix.

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There’s very little chance that the company tries to salvage this game. They will likely shut it down at some point in the near future, so be prepared for that. The publisher even reduced the price of some cosmetics after player complaints. But since there just isn’t enough content to keep players engaged, no one seems to care about the game. The game could have been great, but it seems like the backlash against GaaS and its influence on this game may have had a hand here.

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