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How to kill the Sergeant in Warframe

How to kill the Sergeant in Warframe

There are many different bosses in Warframe, and it’s not always clear how to beat them. Some bosses have weird vulnerability mechanics while some are just really tough. Each planet has a boss node attached that often acts as a farming location. Many bosses drop Warframe components that can and do need to be farmed to round out your collection.

The Sergeant in Warframe is the final boss of the planet Phobos, on the Iliad node. Newer players may struggle with beating him so here are some tips. Hopefully, with our tips in hand, you can farm him easily once you have your build dialed in. Farming the Sergeant in Warframe can be easily done during Sorties once you understand the fight.

Tips for fighting Sergeant in Warframe

Your first time out as a new player, you should be doing a bit of prep work before you go in to fight him. Make sure you swap out any mods in your build that don’t directly benefit your offense with more DPS. One option is to go for a bonus to Corpus damage like Bane of Corpus or the Primed variant can help.

Certain damage types also do well against the shields of Corpus enemies. Regular shields are weak to Cold, Proto-Shields are weak to Electricity. Combining these two to deal Magnetic, which will require mods for both damage types, is the best option. Combine a high-status weapon with Magnetic damage and Bane to Corpus mods and you have a bane-farming dream.

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The Sergeant in Warframe is a heavy-hitter with massive shields. His range is long and his ability to turn invisible makes him a real threat.

You can find the Sergeant at the Illiad node on Phobos. He looks just like a normal Corpus enemy sniper, but with some mild differences. He is armed with a Lanka, which fires slowly but does huge damage, and he can also turn invisible. The real key to beating his is tracking him consistently and keep the DPS applied.

He won’t regenerate health, only his shield, but the recharge rate is so quick that you must be applying the right kind of damage to take him down quickly. The real secret to killing Sergeant in Warframe is to use Magnetic damage. The 75% bonus to shield damage is great, but having the ability to slow his shield regen is the best part of this combo.

You will have to repeat the process of chasing and chipping away at his shields a few times to get his health low enough to take him out. But with patience and some good build choices, he should eventually go down.

When you beat the Sergeant and extract, you will get a random Mag component, either the Chassis, Neuroptics or Systems.

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