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Warframe Guide: How to get Mag

How to get Mag in Warframe

Plenty of Warframe players have some issues figuring out these complex mechanics. The common questions of “How do I unlock this Warframe?” and “Where do I find this item?” are very common questions in the community. So following our guides on farming and building Warframes like Ivara, Mesa, Vauban and others, here’s a new how to get a Warframe guide. That way players know exactly what to do. This time we’re up to telling you how to get Mag in Warframe.

Mag is not much of a tank, sporting reduced health in exchange for better support potential. Mag is a great control frame for dealing with enemies by depleting shields or restoring allies. Bullet Attractor can massively increase DPS, even exploding enemies. Her Crush ability is also good for single target damage increases. As the wiki describes her: “This is Mag, a force to be reckoned with. Mag is a team player, Tenno, and a worthy addition to any squad.”

To get Mag’s components, you will need to farm the Sergeant at the Iliad node on Phobos. Every time you beat him and extract, you have a chance to get either her Chassis, Neuroptics, or Systems blueprints.

Once you have those on lock, it’s time to start the real challenge and farm for resources. First, let’s talk about the basic resources you will need for the basic Blueprint builds. Below you will find a list of the best planets to farm these resources. Drop extractors on these planets and you should have more than enough if you’ve been playing long enough. If you’re a new player, focus on filling out the Star Chart then focus on getting more Warframes, having more of the Star Chart complete makes farming so much easier.

  • Salvage: Mars, Jupiter and Sedna
  • Rubedo: Earth, Europa, Phobos, Sedna, Pluto, and Orokin Void
  • Polymer Bundle: Venus, Mercury and Uranus
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Next up is the much rarer or crafted resources. Mag is pretty basic, you just need a few rare drops to make her:

  • Neural Sensor: Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress
  • Morphics: Mercury, Mars, Europa and Pluto
  • Control Module: Void Missions are a good source for this, as are higher level missions on Europa and Neptune
  • Plastids:  Saturn, Uranus and Phobos

Now let’s break down exactly how much of each resource you need to construct Mag.


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Salvage
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 500 Rubedo


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Salvage
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 500 Rubedo


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Morphics
  • 500 Salvage
  • 220 Plastids

Once you have all the Blueprints and materials, head to the Foundry and start building. Although remember, it’s going to take time. You could use your Plat to rush the construction if you can spare it. Also, check to make sure you have an open slot before beginning the build.

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