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Best ways to farm Plastids in Warframe (2020)

How to farm Plastids in Warframe

The crafting and resource systems in Warframe are remarkably complex. The amount of farming and crafting you will have to do is both crazy, but just enough to not be thoroughly overwhelming. Gathering resources often requires targeting specific enemies or nodes on the Star Chart. So for players, both new and old, knowing where to look to farm resources can be really helpful.

Warframe parts and gear blueprints all use different resources as well, adding to the complication. So this all makes finding the right resources a little more difficult. So we put together a quick guide on where to look to for one of the many resources, Plastids in Warframe. They’re also a key component for building your Railjack in the Warframe Rising Tide quest, so you want plenty.

Where to farm Plastids in Warframe

The first place many new players will look for Plastids in Warframe are various nodes on the Star Chart. The generic missions often have containers and enemies that can spawn varying amounts of Plastids. Focusing on endless missions like Survival can help speed up farming as you don’t lose time switching between missions. Titan Extractors can also be used on Uranus, once you have all nodes complete, to have a chance at grabbing a stack of these items every few hours. Just remember to stay on top of cycling the Extractors in and out. It’s best to have multiple Extractors built as they will get damaged from time to time.

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Various nodes on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris all have the potential for dropping some amounts of Plastids. Targeting certain missions can yield better farming results though. Here are some of the best locations to farm for Plastids in Warframe:

  • Stephano on Uranus
  • Piscinas on Saturn
  • Helene on Saturn

If you want a targeted farm with a good group mission, go to Piscinas on Saturn. This Dark Sector Survival mission has an endless time limit, and every five-minute rotation offers a 20% buff to resource drops, making this a great farming spot for various resources.

Dark Sector missions need a solid group for starters, so bring a solid support/healer to keep your group alive. To help speed up farming, bring a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros with Desecrate, or another similar build that helps increase item drop rates and resource drops.

Your group can literally just hold up in one of the side rooms and draw aggro on the mob swarms that spawn. And as long as you keep up the healing and energy, it’s a painless farming process that can easily yield stacks of Plastids in a few rotations.

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