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BDO Starters Package Available Now

Black Desert Online

With the recent introduction of controversial RMT into Black Desert Online, it was inevitable that the game’s developers would attempt to attract a horde of new players to the Buy-to-Play title. This is exactly what is driving the 30% discount on both digital versions of BDO, alongside a new cheaper version aimed at brand new players.

Black Desert Online is getting two special offers starting today and available until September 26. The first, a new Starter’s package priced at $9.99/€9.99, allows players to delve into the immense MMO at the lowest price to date.

Additionally, the Traveler’s and Explorer’s packages have received a 30% discount, now available at $19.99/€19.99 and $34.99/€34.99 respectively.

During the sale period, each package will include three seven-day guest passes as a bonus so that players can embark on their adventure with their friends at no additional cost to them.

All upcoming and existing content expansions for Black Desert Online are completely free―there are no additional charges or subscription fees to enjoy the game. While Black Desert Online does feature an online cash shop, the items available are for convenience or cosmetic purposes only. For more information on Black Desert Online please visit the official website.

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