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Warframe – How To Quickly Gain Standing With Solaris

Warframe The Sacrifice Expansion

The Fortuna update for Warframe, latest expansion to the sprawling and intricate free-to-play shooter, is out now. Warframe’s Fortuna expansion brings a ton of new content as is the norm, but one of the new additions is quite abnormal for some players. The new Syndicate on Fortuna is that new element. And just like any new mechanics in a complex video game, some people need help understanding.

One of the core mechanics of every faction is called Standing. Farming Standing is well worth effort, as each faction has their own unique rewards which use Standing as a currency component. Weapon and Warframe Blueprints are very common trade-in goals for Standing. Many players also like to engage with the various gathering mini-games in Warframe, and to get the tools you need for those, you need Standing. Here’s how to farm it in Fortuna.

Mining for Gems

The first, and by far the simplest method for faming Standing in Warframe’s Fortuna expansion is very similar to farming standing with other factions. Simply go and get yourself a mining tool, and head out into the frozen wastes of Orb Valis. This is a great time to start grinding Standing through missions, as you’ll need the rewards from Bounties later for the second method, but also because you can use your travel time to do some mining.

The most precious gems are worth 1000 Standing each, but make sure you’re not trading in stocks you need for crafting. These gems can be used for crafting Waframes and other material components, so you will always need some of them. Always keep a few extras of any material of the rarer varieties on-hand if you can. There’s also a hard daily limit on how much standing you can earn via this method, so the time spent mining one day may yield too many resources. That’s OK though as you can always trade in excess over multiple days.

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Make sure you purchase the new mining tool from Smokefinger, and you can get on your way to endless Standing riches.

Debt Bonds

The second method is more rewarding per run, but requires a bit more time investment to pull off. You see, the lands of Fortuna and Orb Valis are a bit of a dystopian nightmare. ruthless Capitalist interests control life on the surface, leading to exploited masses selling every aspect of their lives just to survive. One of the means of control in this hellscape is Debt Bonds.

If you’re feeling adventurous and charitable, you can pay off the debts of Fortuna citizens. This offers Standing as a reward, and the primary trade-in items are various resources and goods found within Orb Valis. Each Debt Bond is different, and has its own requirements. Check with Ticker to see what Bonds are up for redemption, as they change. Once you have the needed resources, head back to Ticker, he will give you the option to trade in Debt Bonds for Standing.

Head over to Eudico to start grinding out Bounties, this has the doubled benefit of increasing Standing and granting resources used for Debt Bonds.


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