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BRAVE Rats in GE-8 in a Moros and brawls LAZERHAWKS


Around 5:00 EVE time, GE-8JV stood down initially from engaging both GSF and Provi fleets with frig roams.  The fleet chased around V-3 and GE-8 a group of GSF Harpies and the like.  As the FC of that fleet logged, the defense fleet decided to rat in GE-8 on a random anom.

This decision was very quickly turned on it’s head by LazerHawks,  As one Brave member had the balls of steel to run the site with the fleet, who was mostly flying frigs and cruisers, in his freaking Moros.  This was also with a well-known bombing multiboxer harassing them all night.

As Lazerhawks landed with a mixed fleet composed of Machariels, Scimitars, and Cynabals.  The Moros was quickly hit with all manner of bubbles and ewar.  The HERO fleet warped off to station for a quick reship into Moas and tackle.

At 4:48 the battle began in earnest.  As the BRAVE fleet primaried the Sabres and Scimitars of their enemy, they quickly died.  Then the game began as the fleets were forced to play chase games between the ratting site, GE- station and the sun.  Ultimately the LazerHawks fleet broke off the engagement when the Moros was safe.  By 5:29 the fight was over.

Ultimately, the losses for both sides were close in terms of ISK.  Both LazerHawks and HERO forces took around 400M in ISK losses, bringing the total to around 900M ISK.  HERO were ultimately able to save the Moros.  And in typical BRAVE fashion, went right back to ratting in another system, occasionally being interrupted by blasting some random neutrals.

Now this is when I get a little ranty.  I won’t name drop the Moros pilot.  But the fact of the matter is that the Moros in GE-8 was a huge target.  And the hit could have been avoided by the defense fleet not being momentarily dumb.

Flying a Moros in an anom is just pointless.  And it was obvious that the FC(s) were not paying attention to intel as the LazerHawks were sighted in Intel right before the fight occurred.  Let’s be honest, Being BRAVE is one thing, but this was just stupid.  We can be Brave without being stupid.  And a dumb mistake that cost Brave line members 400M ISK, and was not freaking needed.

I know, I know “DRAMA CYNOO!!12”.  But there was no need to have this fight, especially to save one person’s ship he should have been protecting.  I know I’m being crotchety, this just irritates me.  In short, Brave is not meant to fix your mistakes if they should have been completely avoided.

/Rant and post

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