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Mario Kart Tour hosts second multiplayer test for all

Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta

Mario Kart Tour is getting another test of it’s multiplayer features. The developers DeNA and Nintendo have made it clear that this version will be a little more fleshed out compared to earlier variants of the game. When the game first launched, it was little more than a basic mobile port of the legendary kart racing franchise. The initial launch was even delayed a fair bit as Nintendo and DeNa had to polish up the gameplay a bit.

The first round of tests were during the post-launch period of the mobile racing title, and ran in mid-December 2019, from Dec. 18 to Dec. 26. The initial test was plagued with some bugs and stability issues, but not too many as to make it unplayable. Mario Kart Tour did have some basic multiplayer functionality during this test. The previous version of the test had bots involved with the games, leading players to get basically nothing from the test in terms of experience other than basic gameplay.

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This new round of testing will actually bring multiplayer into a workable state for the first time in Mario Kart Tour. The new version of the game could also include new tracks, racers, karts and other stuff as well. The new test will have a handful of other features beyond the basic multiplayer, but we cannot confirm what exactly that will be yet.

At this time, we don’t know when the public test is going to take place. For players to participate in the public test, it is likely that the players will need to opt-in through some in-game mode or selection.

Keep an eye on the Mario Kart Tour Twitter account and Nintendo’s official website as these are the most likely places for more news and other information about the tests.

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