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How to farm Oberon Prime Relics in Warframe

How to farm Oberon Prime Relics in Warframe

Oberon Prime is the peak for many Warframe fans in terms of DPS and crowd control. You will need MR 8 to use this beast, but it’s well worth the work to unlock him. This Prime variant has higher armor and energy capacity and is a bit tankier. The real moments where Oberon Prime shines are in moments where Energy being supplied to teammates or powerful abilities are clutch for clearing mobs. So if that sounds like fun, here’s a guide on how to farm Oberon Prime Relics in Warframe.

Not only does Oberon Prime have the Death Orb Energy buff that all Prime Warframes do, but he also possesses an affinity for builds with certain support abilities. His Renewal ability getting massive buffs makes Oberon Prime a perfect setup for a healing build.

Check out Oberon in the trailer below.

Also, if you want to know how to farm Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime Relics in Warframe, we’ve got a guide for that.

If you read through our last guide on Nekros Prime, a lot of this is going to be very familiar to you. This is because many of the same Relics that Spawn Nekros Prime parts also contain Oberon Prime parts as well. That makes the farming process a fair bit easier. Some of these, Lith S9 for example, are new to the game, so their drop chances have not been finalized by the community yet.

The process for unlocking this new Warframe is pretty simple, just get the relics. Cracking them, or seeing what’s inside is more complicated than just collecting the loot, so lucky for you we have a guide for that, check below. Anyway, we’ve included the list of what Relics to look for when running missions, as well as what missions to run that have the highest drop chance of spawning the right Relics.

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Oberon Prime Relic Farming Locations

As of now, the Relics listed below are the only four enabled for drop, otherwise known as Unvaulted.

  • Blueprint – Lith S9 – Void missions, can also drop from bounties, just check the rewards.
  • Chassis – Lith T3 – Hepit in the Void. This is the quickest of the mission types on the list. Capture is a very easy game type, just rush the target.
  • Systems – Neo N11 – Survival (Mot) and Interception (Mithra) have the best drop chance for Nekros N11 Relics.
  • Neuroptics – Meso O4 – Sabotage (Stribog) and Mobile Defense (Tiwaz) have the highest chance, you want T2 Void missions on rotation A.

Here are the resource requirements you will need to build Oberon Prime:


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 10 Control Module
  • 4,000 Alloy Plate
  • 1,500 Circuits
  • 2 Nitrain Extract


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Gallium
  • 100 Oxium
  • 1,250 Rubedo
  • 7,500 Salvage


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 250 Plastids
  • 6,000 Nano Spores
  • 1,250 Polymer Bundle

As far as cracking the Relics you’ve now farmed that’s a bit of an involved process. Here’s a detailed guide on farming, refining and cracking Relics.

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