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ISK-Starter and EVE Crowdfunding


With the downfall and banning of gambling in EVE Online, a lot of EVE community initiatives and media outlets have been hurting for funding. It’s no secret that the major gambling sites had direct ties to many groups like Care4Kids or media sites like EN24, and without that support, these groups are hoping that the EVE community will step up and share some of it’s generous wealth to keep them going.

Some of these groups have reached out directly, publishing statements asking for donations from the playerbase, like C4K did recently. But it would be a bit chaotic if every player and group who wanted financial support choked the forums and subreddits of EVE with funding requests.

sensing that a solution was needed several members of the EVE community stepped up and founded ISK-Starter. A simple crowdfunding site for projects within EVE Online, backed by CSM member Nashh Kadavr, the project hopes to become a primary source for funding within the EVE community.

How do campaigns work?
A campaign can be created by anyone by using the SSO login. When a campaign is created, it is set for a certain amount of time, with a specific ISK goal to be reached, and has a unique ID assigned to it. Campaigns are approved by the ISKstarter management group and can be rejected for any reason. ISKstarter is not for personal fund raising, but rather for community related events. Campaigns for buying your own personal super, collect an AT ship, or fund your alliance sov holdings will be rejected. Having additional information regarding your campaign, such as a website with dates and details, previous activities, and detailed goals in mind, is highly suggested when you are submitting.

How do I donate?
Method 1) Send your ISK donation to the corporation ISKstarter with the campaign’s unique ID in the reason field. The ISK is automatically set aside for that campaign on the next API pull.

Method 2) Send your ISK to the corporation ISKstarter with nothing in the reason field. This will create a virtual wallet for that character and can be access on the ISKstarter site using the SSO. From there you can donate to the listed campaigns. We are also in the process of setting up a Patreon style monthly donation system using the virtual wallet.

How can I be sure this isn’t a scam?
In addition to having reputable people on staff, we are also making a large attempt at operating with transparency. Veldspar aficionado Chribba will be auditing our services, and we are providing a public API key for everyone to review transactions. Additionally, campaigns must be approved by ISKstarter staff, to mitigate scams or any other shady dealings.

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