IWISK and The EVE community just did something awesome

Coming off the controversy with the eve_nt and IWANTISK Titan Smash, it seems that the EVE community has put aside it’s BS for just a moment to do something really cool.  That is, they came together to help a fellow capsuleer go to Fan Fest this year after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  There are no words to describe how cool this is.

Reddit Post

“Hello Ladies and GentleMen of Reddit,

On September 11, 2014 I woke up from a major surgery to discover I had a terminal illness. I spent much of that month just coming to terms with my diagnosis and took a break from Eve. At this current time I have Carciniod Cancer stage IV with my liver being the most infected organ in my body after they removed what they could from my gut. I was shocked when my Surgeon spoke with my wife and I about this being terminal. This time last year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer after a double mastectomy and several other surgeries, she is now on her way to living “cancer free”. This disease is no joke and the most scary thing I have ever had to deal with in my life.

My Doctors can’t really put a time on what life I have left other than the statistics which makes them sort of like a weatherman. So I created a bucket list of things that I want to do with what time I have left to live. Part of that bucket list was to come back to Eve stronger than before,help take space and fly with N3. Pantsufan and N3 gave me a unique opportunity to make these memories together with each of you. I am here to have some fun while building lasting relationships within each Corporation in my current Alliance and Coalition. I hope that each of you will take the time to get to know each other outside this game as well inside of it. This Alliance and Coalition is fucking awesome and I want to thank each and everyone of you for being here helping me get out of my head and be Six instead of the guy who is dying.

Yesterday I was being the forum whore/social butterfly I have become and I stumbled across an Eve News 24 article asking for speakers at this years fanfest. I took a gamble and wrote them about how important building successful, meaningful relationships in Eve had helped me to deal with my Diagnosis and helped me to build a successful Corporation over the last 4 years of playing Eve. CCP Manifest mailed me back yesterday approving a spot for me to talk about my current Alliance, my Corporation and give some exposure to the type of cancer that I have. I dreamed about being that person in the spotlight since the very first fanfest I watched in 2012.

However the last year and a half of fighting cancer in my family have left me financially strapped. Thankfully I was approved not long ago to finally get my SSI for what its worth I can survive but not much more. Raising 4 boys is tough enough without being diagnosed with a terminal illness. I hope and pray that this Community of players could lend me a hand with getting myself to Fan Fest to represent. CCP Mainfest is also fowarding my email to some others Devs at CCP so we shall see what they can do to help a brother check something off his bucket list. So while I am waiting on CCP Mainfest to email me back I thought I would setup a gofundme page to help facilitate getting me there. I have sent CCP Manifest a return email letting him know what I was doing on my end to get me there. If you can help even the smallest amount I would be forever grateful to you. Here is the link to the page I setup this morning after checking flight costs, hotel stay and ticket prices. Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text and considering helping a brother out.

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