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War in Cache heats up as PL caps move in

EVE Online Supercapitals

xXDEATHXx appears to have struggled over the last few days in their war against the Meow Coalition consisting of The Gorgon Empire, Red Alliance and Dream Fleet, all being allied with SOLAR.  Trading system back and forth between these entities.

As the Meow Coalition spreads almost effortlessly across the former N3 regions of Scalding Pass and Insmother, SOLAR set it’s sights on xXDEATHXx in Cache.  As xXDEATHXx looked to be ready to strand alone, they received shows of support from both Total Absolution and N3.

This took a turn towards an even larger war with the redeployment of Pandemic Legion to I6-SYN in Cache, a move everyone seemed to know was coming.  PL/N3 and xXDEATHXx have been de facto allies for a while now, and its not surprising that PL would move to a position that would allow them to support both N3 and xXDEATHXx.

The Geminate Coalition has also faced opposition for xXPIZZAXx and Black Legion.

With the massive PL move op to relocate to Cache, pretty much anyone capable dog piled on to kill capitals.

Pandemic Legion moved 800+ pilots ( in a 5-6h move ops..some pictures of it :,UreV2mU,EdS0FCU,gNkaVFG,4qJGbdj,P6yi7Sa,stbH5lk,OeupL4q,ZBEnZpX,xa6mNHI,UercWG2#10

Move op related in this topic

Black Legion / Triumvirate / The Gorgon Empire took this opportunity to kill several PL Caps :

The Gorgon Empire took down at first 3 PL Carriers during this battle in Curse : (and destroying The Initiative Ishtar fleet on the way..). Gorgon Titan drive by too a Dread in Scalding Pass

Black Legion and Triumvirate formed a Loki Fleet and picked up some PL Caps too : one Dread and one carrier (Black Legion Loki Fit :

In Catch, HERO has taken advantage of the move op by PL to push to retake their lost systems, putting several structures in the F4R2-Q system into reinforced mode.  While also pumping out hilarious pseudo-propaganda aimed at and PL.

Honestly, HERO wants to keep a stiff upper lip here.  The general absence of PL means that other groups may set their sights on Catch.

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