How to purchase a Helicopter in BitLife

How to become a pilot in BitLife – Airline captain guide

With the new weekly challenge in BitLife, you’re going to need to be a millionaire playboy to become BatMan. One of the many things you need to achieve to become the dark knight is to own a helicopter. This is not only going to be expensive but also require some very specific work. To get a Helicopter in BitLife you of course need to buy one. You need to save a fair amount of money to afford a helicopter, so that means getting into university and getting a good job. While you’re working to save cash, head over to the Aircraft Brokers tab listed in Assets and see what’s for sale.

Once you have the money saved up for the chopper of your dreams, you can begin the actual process of learning the privilege. The game will not let you just buy a helo and fly it around, that’s too dangerous, instead, you have to earn a license to fly. It will work like any other pilot job, so if you’ve done that before, you’re in good shape.

You will first need to go to flight school and train to become a pilot before you can do any of that though. You will need to complete 40 hours of training to apply for the license, and you will have to pay $165 an hour. You can choose to do fewer hours at first, if you don’t have the funds. That way you can slowly work your way to becoming a pilot. Once you have gone through training, you can then apply for your pilot’s license.

You can check out our guide on how to pass the pilot license test over here. Once you have done that and managed to save up enough cash, you can buy the helicopter.

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