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The Bridge is now free on Epic Games Store, Farming Simulator 19 next

The Bridge Free on Epic Store

The Epic Games Store already announced that it would be continuing it’s strategy of free games and exclusives in 2020. As if anyone was really surprised given that the company made $680 million from these efforts in 2019. So this next few weeks will obviously see more free games coming to the PC service, this time as free games rather than the anger-inciting timed exclusives.

This week is another free game, because why else would you be reading this, or visit the Epic store. And the offering this week is a special one. The Bridge is a puzzler from American indie developer Ty Taylor. The game has been published on pretty muich every platform and service there is, for both PC and consoles. So seeing it make the jump to Epic isn’t that surprising. In this logic puzzle game, you’ll need to challenge your preconceptions of physics and narrative.

The Bridge is a game that takes some weird approaches when blending mind-twisting levels with it’s its black-and-white art, it all works really well though. Check it out in the trailer below. Those interested can pick it up now through January 30th.

Following this bizarre puzzler is a complete departure, as the PC gamer in you better be ready to grow some potatoes. That’s not some metaphor, you’re literally going to be growing digital potatoes. That’s because the next game is all about farming. Farming Simulator 19 will become a freebie starting next Thursday, January 31.

The latest bizarre-physics-having farming sim has all the tractors, harvesters and other heavy machinery fans of the franchise expect. And this newer version improves your ability to diversify via some new industries that your farming efforts can help fund. Of course the name of the game is to make fat stacks with corn and other cash crops. Check it out in the trailer below.

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