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How to Change Guild Flag, Name, and Emblem in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is out. Guilds are an important aspect of Lost Ark, as they are in any RPG with a multiplayer component. Players want to group together and have fun blasting apart their foes. And with the MMOs and Action RPGs, there’s a real push to group together to build communities. Players with like interests and goals can easily get together and have fun in this game. You can use guilds to just hang out, or maybe get into the endgame farming scene. Whatever your reason for forming one, it’s pretty easy.  But once you’ve made that new guild, what do you do?

What’s the point of Guilds in Lost Ark?

The Guild vs. Guild system is key here. But without getting too much detail, you get rewards as a guild for getting higher in the rankings each week. There are PvE weekly activities like bosses and races you can contribute to. Players in the guild panel can click the Participation button to mark themselves for participating in GvG activities. Certain restrictions get placed on your character, and then you get assigned to a GvG lineup by the guild masters. Guild XP and various currencies can be earned by doing this.

The primary benefit of doing all of this is the Guild Shop. The various Guild Crystals can be spent on Guild items such as higher-end materials. The guild’s members must work together to unlock higher-tier shops through research.

Managing that new Guild

Open the guild tab by clicking Community on the bottom right corner of the screen and then selecting Guild from the menu. Opening the guild UI will allow you to see all the various options you can use to manage your guild members. Here’s a quick overview of some of the tabs you’ll find.

  • The Information tab is one of the most important aspects of Guilds in Lost Ark for both planning guild activities and getting members coordinated.
  • The Instructions tab is where leaders can set various guild updates for members to see.
  • The Members tab is where you can see everyone who is currently in the group.

Then, there’s the very useful, but complex, Manage tab, The Manage tab also allows leaders to distribute Gold rewards from the Gold Fund tab. The Set tab allows you to manage the new applications to your guild. The Manage tab is where you can do most of these things. Having the ability to change visual aspects of the guild is important, but other things like kicking problem members is key too.

You will also see the option for players to donate gold and materials to the guild. This helps increase Guild XP and open up a few personal rewards. The biggest gain from doing this as a player, you will earn Contribution points and guild currency. That currency can then be spent on various upgrades. Aside from just dropping stuff in, you can also use the menu to donate to research packs.

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Changing Guild Emblem, Flag, and Name

Changing the guild’s flag and emblem is easy, and can be done without charge. Changing the name, however, takes some effort. You must spend 2,900 Royal Crystals to get a name change ticket. Be sure of the name when you first choose it. To change these aspects, open the guild menu UI, When you look up on the top-right, you might not see the Manage tab, use the right-hand arrow to scroll the tabs to the right until you see it.

Click the Manage tab first.  Click the Guild Management button to open the actual menu you need. From this menu, you can change the settings for your group. Clicking the various buttons such as Edit Guild Flag or Guild Desc. will allow the GM to change those settings.

You can set a password for new join applications, you can also swap other settings around. Setting the Join setting to Deny will prevent anyone new from joining.

Kicking players from Guilds

Kicking inactive people to make room for new members is a key part of managing the guild roster in any MMO.

To remove players, there are a few things to remember. You must be Guildmaster to do this. If you are GM, you can either transfer the leadership, or disband it. You cannot delete a character with “responsibility” with a guild before performing one of the two actions above. Players who wish to leave can type “/guildleave”  (without quotes) into the chat to execute the command. This will remove them from the guild. You may also click the Leave Guild button at the bottom of the guild Ui to do this.

If you need to remove an AFK player, you should be able to click their name in the Members tab and then see an option to remove them. Look for the Banish option in the menu. A player kicked in this manner will not be able to rejoin another guild for 24 hours.

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