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EVE Online Executive Producer Andie ‘CCP Seagull’ Nordgren is leaving CCP Games

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EVE fans got a pretty big shock this week when it was revealed that Executive Producer Andie ‘CCP Seagull’ Nordgren would be departing CCP and EVE Online.

According to a press statement from CCP reps:

“I can confirm that after eight years with CCP, Andie is returning to her native Sweden at the end of June where she is looking forward to raising her children closer to her family. CCP is arranging a seamless transition of Andie’s duties under the oversight of Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s CEO, until the position is filled.”  CCP Games (statement not under embargo)

Andie Nordgren posted her farewell post on the EVE Online forums. It reads:

Dearest EVE Players

Due to family reasons, I’m leaving Iceland and CCP to move to my birth country of Sweden, where I’m looking forward to raising my children closer to the rest of my family. I wish I could be in two places at the same time – I am deeply passionate about EVE and the future of the game, and it’s with a heavy heart that I leave CCP, EVE Online and Iceland. But I also know that I’m leaving EVE in good hands. The plans you heard about from me at Fanfest belong to the whole team behind EVE Online – the many amazingly talented people working relentlessly behind the scenes to bring you EVE Online – and they also have the full support of CCP Hellmar. He’s overseeing a seamless transition of my duties, however we don’t have specifics to share at this time.

The EVE community is amazing and working for you and getting to meet so many of you has been such a journey and fantastic experience. I’m here for a little bit longer to wrap up and transition my duties, but by end of June I will have worked my last day at CCP. After that, I will be a lifelong friend and supporter of the game and this community. Farewell, fly well and thank you for everything. <3

/Andie Nordgren – CCP Seagull, Executive Producer EVE Online

CCP Seagull has been a well-liked public face of many changes to EVE Online during her eight years at the company. In that time, she has helped lead the EVE Online team during some crucial, and often controversial, changes to the MMO. She’s helped work on everything from the introduction of Tech 3 ships, to a new rendering engine, and so much more. Her public and behind-the-scenes work was a great example to the rest of the EVE community, and she’ll be missed as part of such an amazing game and community.

In the meantime, the transition period to appointing a new team lead has been overseen by CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson. According to Seagull, the game is in good hands, and the plans the developer has are still on track for their respective deployments.

If you want to know more about some of those future plans, check out our recap of Fanfest 2018.

It’s always sad to see someone depart, and it will be difficult to fill the hole left by CCP Seagulls absence. We’re sure they’ll manage though, and we wish CCP Seagull, her family, and the rest of the team at CCP the best.


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