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Mortal Shell releases 40 more minutes of raw gameplay

Mortal Shell

Dark Souls-inspired action RPG, Mortal Shell, has just released a new batch of gameplay footage. The footage was previously under embargo, but that has now been lifted. There is actually quite a lot of gameplay here, showing off all manner of the game’s systems, bosses and more. Developer Cold Symmetry and Publisher Playstack have crafted quite the difficult and unique experience. The dark and brooding atmosphere, mixed with unforgiving combat makes for a potent formula.

Mortal Shell is an unashamed attempt to mimic the Dark Souls formula, with a lot smaller scale. The smaller team has decided to laser-focus on a new mechanic, the namesake of the game, Shells.

The player will slay enemies and take on their forms by possessing their corpses. This is an idea that has been tried in games before, but never when mixed with the feeling of tactical action combat that the game is blasting out of every orifice. Every boss is a measure of patience and game mechanics knowledge that will test your limits of reaction and timing. And since you’re going to have to change up strategies for enemies and bosses, the Shells come in handy.

One enemy could be fast but frail, giving you an agility buff that will help against a slower boss, where it’s better to dodge rather than facetank hits. Another enemy might give you an acidic attack that can melt the armor of a heavily-suited foe. The gameplay and mixture of a unique element in Mortal Shell will certainly be interesting to consider, and more so to play.

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The game is slated to release on PC via timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store. Mortal Shell will also release on PS4 and Xbox One. Currently, the game is due for release sometime in September 2020. Check out the footage for the new RPG below.


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