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DOOM Eternal shows off more Battle Mode in new trailer

DOOM Eternal Battle Mode Trailer 2

DOOM Eternal has yet another gameplay trailer to show off, this time centering on the newest game mode to join the festival of violence that is the legendary shooter franchise. That mode is the new multiplayer game type, Battlemode, and we get to see it in more detail in the newest trailer for the game.

As an asymmetrical multiplayer mode,  Battlemode has one goal, hunt down the demon. OF course if you happen to be a denizen of Hell, your goal is a bit different and more survival oriented. The DOOM Slayer will be fully kitted out with all the insane weaponry from the singleplayer campaign, so the iconic BFG is just the start of what the demon pals are in for.

The mode features five distinct classes of demons to pick from, each with their own weapons and abilities. And how players combine these elements to balance out the incredible power of the DOOM Slayer is important, and vital for victory. There are also six different maps, each with unique layouts to push player strategies in new ways.

Bethesda and id Software are looking to push players on the demon side and their ability to work together. The Revenant is great for hit-and-run tactics, and when paired with the Pain Elemental, makes for a lethal combo that can track the Slayer with surprising speed. The mancubus offers the best in-your-face option to take on the Slayer as well.

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Using the various abilities and hazards the demons can summon is key to taking down your opponent. Luckily, you’ll have various AI-controlled demons to help in that regard.

DOOM Eternal will be out for all major platforms on November 22nd. Check out the trailer for Battlemode down below. There’s also some other gameplay footage which was shown off at E3, that you might want to check out.

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