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[DEV BLOG] Back Into the Structure


CCP haS detailed the changes they may implement to structures in EVE, here are a few of the major details.

As it stands now, structures are needlessly complicated and only add to the confusion of badly done current mechanics.  The obvious aim of these changes echoes the sentiment of other changes.  Making things easier, but keep them interesting.

To that end, it appears that CCP want to strive uniformity in the design and usage of structures.  This first step involves making structures fittable!  Allowing the different types of structures to be configured in different ways not only reduces the need for undrstanding of complex mechanics to own structures, but creates the same kind of rock-paper-scissors decisions of ship combat to structures.  Now players will need to know the intricacies of the various fits and how they can best be attacked or defended.

Another interesting point is the mention of reducing the configuration complexity of star bases.  Combining all the different types of POS modules into singular specialized platforms, that seemingly could be refit for specialized production at any time, allows for a new idea in POS warfare.  Resource control. Imagine a scenario where an alliance is able to use the new SOV mechanics in  conjunction with stargate fits , POS modules, and offensive actions to deny their enemy resources in a crucial system. Depending on how the new structures work within the different levels of security space can make for some very interesting meta of resource denial and acquisition.

The obvious caveat to some of these new structures in the dev blog is that they will need to be extremely well balanced or the min-maxing and other abuse of OP modules will make POS/Outpost structures an even more generic game of “do XYZ or you’ll be behind everyone else”.

Overall, removing complications and adding in new features is great in theory, I can’t wait to see how this all turns out when testing of the ideas begins.


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