Null Sec Alliance Drama

TEST Alliance Please Ignore Leaving HERO, moving to Wicked Creek

HERO Coalition News

In a somewhat surprising move, TEST has announced that they are leaving the HERO Coalition.

The official statement from HERO leadership is as follows:

TEST has been one of our biggest allies for the last year or so since we formed HERO (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization). Today they decided to part ways with HERO and are moving to find their own home.

We wish them all the best in their next endeavor. We are still friends and we will remain so. When you are posting on Reddit or flying through space and see TEST members, please remember to keep things classy, friendly and wish them all the best from HERO and Brave Collective.

And finally a message from Lychton: Thank you Skier and Sapporo for their leadership, and to TEST as a whole for being our partners and helping us make this rookie organization effective. They have a direct line to us for assistance and we would definitely work with them in the future.

So long, and thanks for all the fun.


Brave Council of Newbie Management

TEST will apparently be moving to a constellation within Wicked Creek, while also maintaining some level of relations with HERO for a short time.  They have also made it clear that shooting or otherwise attacking BNI will not be accepted.  The speculation for the reasons behind this move is of course rampant across New Eden.
This is also coming off the heels of the primary HONOR corp Concordiat moving to TEST.  This now means that BNI has now lost easy access to a significant number of it’s allies.  BNI now stands alone as the only founding member of HERO left in the organization due to this move.

The ~5000 members of TEST stands as a significant loss in terms of numbers for HERO.  TEST being far and away the biggest alliance in HERO aside from BRAVE in terms of raw numbers.  The total loss in easy access to TEST’s numbers accounts for around 20% of HERO membership.

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