Guide to Wishies in Ooblets

How to get Wishies and where to spend them in Ooblets

You acquire wishies in Ooblets with natural progress through the game. These are very useful items that are linked to various gameplay elements and have some cool effects. These can be used to unlock a bunch of stuff, and can be gained from a variety of sources. The badges can be used for adding more Ooblets to your team, doing dance battles, crafting, or by building your friendship with the citizens of Badgetown.

Each of the wishies in Ooblets is tied to various bits of progress, and you can view each badge ’s progress by opening up your Grumboire by hitting the ‘tab’ button and heading to the badges section. The game will also tie some of these to daily tasks, giving more sources for progress.

You can see your badge progress by hovering over any of them in your Grumboire. Each one has three tiers within itself, giving players a bunch of stuff to do. Each section has its own tasks associated with it, like talking to certain villagers multiple times. Players might also be asked to do things like harvesting a certain amount of crops, collecting certain items, or just gathering resources. These daily tasks refresh at the start of every day, so keep checking in to unlock more wishies in Ooblets.

When you start unlocking more of these things, check on the ‘stuff!’ section of your Grumboire. This tab will tell you which items can be traded for when redeeming completed badges. Each item has different uses and is unlocked using a certain amount of wishies. You can click on any of the items to receive it. Alternatively, you can visit the center of Badgetown and approach the fountain to do the same thing.

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