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Battlefield V nine new maps in new trailer, eight will be available at launch

Battlefield V New Maps Trailer

As previously revealed, post-launch content and DLC for Battlefield V is split across three stages. The first chapter, which includes the War Stories singleplayer mode, will launch in December. There’s two more chapters after that. The chapter due in March 2019 will add the much-anticipated Firestorm Battle Royale mode.

The trailer showcases a lot of gameplay mechanics as well as spotlighting these new maps. Weapons and vehicles aplenty are on show, blasting maps and players alike to bits. WE also see some teases of tactical gameplay and objective-based modes involving fortification and other aspects.

Here’s the full list of maps that feature in the trailer, along with their real-world equivalent inspiration:

  • Narvik (Norway)
  • Fjell 652 (Norway)
  • Rotterdam (Holland)
  • Devastation (Holland)
  • Twisted Steel (France)
  • Arras (France)
  • Hamada (North Africa)
  • Aerodrome (North Africa)
  • Panzerstorm (Belgium)

Fjell 652 is an interesting map with extremely mountainous terrain and hostile weather conditions. The map changes as the match progresses and weather worsens. Aerodrome takes place in a ruined airfield, featuring lots of hiding spots and sniper perches. Twisted Steel is an outdoor map that features a massive central bridge that will be a huge focal point for conflict in-game. Devastation is a ruined cityscape with lots of close-quarters combat, and Rotterdam expands on this core concept over a larger area, complete with tanks and other vehicles. Arras is a rural area with a small town center, which will be a crucial defensive point. The map is also dotted with trenches and open fields that will be prime hunting ground for tanks. Hamada will be the largest map for multiplayer in Battlefield V at launch, and it will use that space to great effectiveness with heavy focus on armoured warfare. The topography is full of chokepoints, making tactical advance with infantry support vital when controlling a tank.

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In other news, EA and DICE have revealed that premium and microtansactions will be in the game, but they promise that Battlefield V isn’t pay-to-win. As these microtransactions are cosmetic-0nly.

Check out the full gameplay trailer for these maps down below. Battlefield V will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

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