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Flight Simulator 2020 details multiplayer

Flight Simulator 2020 Multiplayer Gameplay

So it turns out that the excellence of Flight Simulator 2020 just keeps on improving. Microsoft has announced some very interesting new details about their upcoming continuation of the legendary Flight Simulator brand. in the newest Feature Discovery video from Asobo Studio, CEO Sebastian Wloch of the developer behind the game was on-hand to show off the multiplayer. Flight Simulator 2020 will provide users with new tools to play multiplayer within the game, all in a single online world.

The company has created a completely revamped network structure in a way that will allow all of the pilots to fly together in a seamless world that’s entirely self-managed. That means the players running on the server will be able to hop in an just play, all without configuring a complicated host and client-server environment. The developer also plans to use an AI algorithm to populate this game world in cases where players can’t feel in the gaps. In those cases, the game server will automatically use real-world air traffic and ATC examples to breathe life into the experience.

“We created one shared world,” Wloch explains. “The goal was to bring all the pilots together, whether they are flying in the real world traffic or whether they are flying virtually in the simulator. The experience is seamless, there is nothing to manage, nothing to configure.”

“The servers automatically optimize the stream to you, so for the live traffic, you will receive from the servers all the planes which are within 200 km. And for the multiplayer traffic, you will also receive planes within 200 km, but limited to the 50 closest planes.”

The servers available have both a hyper-realistic mode that uses real-time weather, as well as a more customizable and somewhat more casual-friendly variant. in the latter version of the server, players will be able to jump in and out without having to pay too much attention to rules and regulations, you can also change the weather and other settings in this mode.

The developers have also built various clusters to host these groups and will sort connections into certain clusters based on ping. And to prevent the stream of traffic from overwhelming players, Flight Simulator 2020 will automatically filter out all planes, not within 200 KM of a given player.

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