Can you invite villagers from Happy Home Paradise to live on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

What's Coming in Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brought out the big guns in its final update. The massive 2.0.0 patch added so much to the game, it’s too big to go over it all. With the addition of the new content in the patch, there’s a lot to handle. With all the new NPCs running around, trying to build houses for them is a lot to deal with. Having to also manage all the new crafting and cooking options can be a handful too.

There are also tons of ways to make Bells so that you can get rich while you frolic. You can make plenty of cash crafting new homes in the DLC, which is great fun for creative types. The new DLC added a bunch of new stuff as well. The big new island decorating mini-game is a great way to earn Bells, through converting your Poki, and it’s a lot of fun. You can even use the Poki to buy sweets and other rewards. It’s a nice little reward for making nice homes.

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So some folks are wondering if you can recruit Happy Home Paradise visitors to your main island, and the answer is no. The villagers that visit your homes on Happy Home Paradise island will never come to your main island. This means that the DLC is not a new way to get new villagers onto your island. You can however invite your main island’s villagers to visit the DLC island.

There are 16 new villagers you can invite to your main island, added in the free update. So while you cannot invite the villagers from the DLC onto your home island, there are some new friends you can get.

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