Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Combustor Valus Weekly Bounty

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Combustor Valus Weekly Bounty

The weekly bounties have refreshed in Destiny 2, offering players a new set of challenges to take on. Head to the Tangled Shore in the Reef and speak to Spider to see what they have in store for you. This new set of bounties involves bringing back escaped targets from the Prison of Elders. In particular, the Combustor Valus Weekly Bounty is pretty tough, here’s some help with what to do to finish it.

You will need five Ghost Fragments to buy the quest from Spider first. Ghost Fragments are quite common. The fastest way to obtain them is to complete Public Events, as you typically get a single Ghost Fragment for each one you can complete. They are also given as rewards for doing random patrols and other tasks. Random loot chests out in the Tangled Shore also have them sometimes.

Once you have the requisite amount of Fragments and have grabbed the quest from Spider, it’s time to get started. To get going, you need to meet the Power Level requirements as well. Guardians need to be at least a combined Power Level of 500 to take on this bounty, which is pretty easy if you’re reliably in the endgame when taking on the Combustor Valus Weekly Bounty and similar quests.

Open up the Director and check the map to find your target, it will be marked as Wanted: Combustor Valus”. Keep in mind that there is a potential spawn for this quest on any planet within the Director that’s publically accessible, so you may have to check multiple places.

Once you have found the target and made your way to their location, be careful. The boss continually spawns adds as mini-bosses for one thing. Beyond that they are also encased in a bubble that deals constant damage to the player. Killing the adds will sometimes spawn an Overshield drop. Pick this up to equip it and grab a quick defensive boost that will offer temporary protection against the constant chip damage.

The cycle here is to damage Combustor Valus until new adds spawn, then switch to killing the adds. Once you have refreshed your Overshield, continue the cycle from the top until you take him out and complete the Combustor Valus Weekly Bounty.

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