How to have a pet kill a lover in BitLife – Natural Selection Achievement

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There are dozens of BitLife achievements. Each one can be pretty insane to get. Some are fairly straightforward, while others involve a lot more work. Some of them are just dependent on RNG, while others need you to put the time in. Earning the reward is never easy. While some, like the Adopt Don’t Shop Achievement are adorable, others, not so much.

This particular BitLife task is very dark. You need to have such a bad relationship with your significant other that they lash out at your pet. But if things go the way you want, the pet takes them out instead. It helps to get the Natural Selection Achievement in BitLife if you own a dangerous pet like a Mountain Lion or other big cat. These animals are pretty dangerous, and you’re hoping that the event fires, and your partner ends up gone.

The first thing you need to do is make a character within a country that has dangerous exotic animals. Start by creating a character in Monaco, Ethopia, or any other central African nation. Congo might be another good choice. Your next task is to get a ton of cash. These exotic pets are very pricey, and you need a lot of money to get them.

When you have a good amount of money, it’s time to begin. Start by looking for the Exotic Pet Dealer under Pets, within the Activities menu. Go there and look for something like a Gorilla, or equally dangerous. You want to check the stats of the animal you’re going to buy, and make sure they have a very high Craziness rating. The more they have in that stat, the more likely they are to lash out.

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If you notice the events about your partner being angry over having too many pets, you might be about to get the correct event. The event doesn’t seem to have a specific trigger, but you can help it along. One way to speed up getting the Natural Selection Achievement in BitLife is to have a bad relationship with your partner, and a good relationship with your pet. Eventually, your animal will likely maul your partner, after a certain number of these event, they die.

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