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BitLife is the mobile life sim where you can do anything. You can take on any job and become a legend in many ways. The game lets you create the ideal version of yourself, or just a complete lunatic. And in the case of some of the hidden challenges and secrets, there are just so many options you can take. The jobs you can work are extremely varied, and you have an entire life to figure things out.

First, you need to become a police officer. this is a pretty hard job to get, unless you do some prep work. Then you can get promoted into the role of Chief of Police in BitLife.

To get this job, you need to have a few stats pretty high. Go to the Gym as soon as you hit High School, and start working out. You need high Health stats to get the job. Smarts are also very important, so go to the library and read books as much as you can. You will find both of these under the Mind & Body tab under Activities.

Once you’ve built up those stats, you can start looking for the job you want. go into the Occupation tab and look for the Cadet job listed there. You need to apply, but it should be OK as long as you have high stats. Once you get the job, make sure to put in work. Go back into the occupations tab and click on your job, then choose the option to put in more work. Do this every time you age up. Eventually, you should be made the Chief of Police in BitLife.

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