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Season Two of Overkill’s The Walking Dead begins

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Post-Launch Content Starts Now

Starbreeze has unveiled the next phase of content for the recently released Overkill’s The Walking Dead. This new batch of DLC will take on an episodic structure, with each episode tying into the larger narrative by adding in new missions and gameplay elements to the cooperative zombie shooter.

The game unfortunately needs an injection of new content after reviews came in on the newly released game, and things weren’t promising. Players reported poor AI execution and level design, as well as subpar storytelling. And that’s all without talking about some of the other problematic design decisions that evoke a feeling of a rushed generic shooter rather than an immersive zombie experience. For example, the enemies feel lazy and uninspired, the load times are irritating, and the overall gameplay is really generic.

Overkill is attempting to address some problems though, such as adding in a more useful player voice chat system. Players can now use this in-game voice chat system with the Steam version of the game. The game files have also be restructured to allow the development team to update the game with new content and improvements quicker.

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Let’s just hope these improvements come quick enough to improve player numbers and sales, as Starbreeze recently filed for reconstruction in an attempt to stave of closure after really poor initial sales put the company deep into the red financially.

In an effort to both promote the new batch of content, and hopefully attract more players, the team behind the game have also released a pair of promotional videos for the game. You can check those two trailers out down below. The first one teases the first episode of this new season, titled No Sanctuary. The second video is a more general “survival guide” which aims to teach players how to tough it out in the zombie-infested nightmare.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is available for PC and arriving on Xbox One, and PS4 next year.

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