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Orbital PS4 emulator, is making progress

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The first PS4 emulator is making some steady progress under active development. The author of the emulation suite, Alexandro Sanchez has shared a new video showcasing some new features. The newest version of the fledgling emulator now supports the use of Dualshock 4 controllers. The developer has also made progress with creating and stabilizing Safe Mode menus for the emulator.

Check it out in the video down below.

And while this isn’t really that impressive given the advanced state of emulation for older Sony consoles, it’s still really neat to see how quickly progress is being made. In a few years we could see an active scene for PS4 emulation the same way the PS2 and PS3 currently enjoy thanks to the increased longevity of their modding and emulation scenes. That kind of support is still a few years off for PS4 I’m afraid, as the current version of Orbital only just got Dualshock 4 support.

Of course the development is still in the extremely early stages. The emulator is months, if not years, of sustained work away from even booting PS4 games with any degree stability. And anyone wishing to take part in the ongoing process needs to be able to dump and decrypt the full PS4 filesystem, kernel and other related bits. Then they would need to take that raw code and integrate it into the emulator to rebuild the necessary BIOS, GRUB and QEMU components for actual emulation. And of course, you need a high-end PC to even be able to run the setup, as the emulation of the hardware takes up a ton of processing power.

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The same goes for any other PS4 emulation projects that pop up. We’re years away from stable gameplay, so don’t get scammed by clickbait nonsense claiming to be able to emulate PS4 games.

So while we won’t be playing the likes of Days Gone, The Last of Us 2 and other hot PS4 titles on PC anytime soon, it’s still nice to check in with the scene and see what’s up.

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