How to catch Galarian Articuno in Crown Tundra

Galarian Articuno in Crown Tundra is a new rosters addition in the DLC. The three original legendary bird Pokémon from Generation 1 have made a return with a new coat of point, in a manner of speaking. If you want to add more Galarian Pokémon to your dex, this is a great chance. Galarian Articuno, along with the other two, have randomized spawn locations, here’s the best way to find them.

And if you’re hoping for Shiny spawns, you can keep hoping. Because these and another seven other Legendaries are shiny-locked. But even though that’s a bummer, having a new option to catch is still pretty cool. So let’s get on with how to catch this beast.

You first encounter Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno battling each other at the top of Dyna Hill in the early parts of the DLC. Use the images below to find where are a couple of his spawn locations. The first area it can be found in is the Giant’s Bed toward the southern part of the island.

If Articuno is not in the first one, head right to the top of the peaks in Snowslide Slope. Articuno should be there. It’s worth noting that you can find them again if you fail to catch them the first time.

You can also find Galarian Articuno in Crown Tundra by listening for his cry as you travel. When you hear his cry, Articuno will split into three copies as you approach. You need to guess which one to engage with.

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