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Final Fantasy VII Remake is PS4 Exclusive through 2021

Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you were expecting to play Final Fantasy VII Remake on another platform besides the PlayStation 4, we’ve got some bad news. Sony and Square Enix have apparently inked a deal to make the first chapter of the multi-part RPG rehash exclusive to the PS4 for some time, according to new leaks based on the game’s box art. We all knew this would be the case though. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is arguably one of the biggest and most-anticipated RPG releases in the modern era, and Sony would be nuts to pass up the chance to push millions of units, and likely hundreds of thousands of new consoles.

The new leaked box art has a PlayStation Exclusive sticker on it, fueling questions about exactly when the game would break from that deal. And now Square Enix has an answer for the fans. Square Enix confirmed that the remake would be exclusive for a limited time, and that the deal would run through March 31, 2021. This means it will effectively be locked to the PS4 for the first year on the shelf. That’s going to be a huge sales boon for Sony. Check out the art below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

So come this April, there’s a very strong likelihood that those waiting to get their hands on the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a choice from PS4, Xbox one and possibly PC. If you want to get into the mood for some classic RPG action on other platforms before April 2021, you have some options. The the original Final Fantasy VII is available for other platforms, including Xbox OnePC, and Nintendo Switch.

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And yes, I said multi-part, because the remake of this classic PS1 JRPG is split into multiple releases. The first game in the series will run through Mirgar, and includes the sewers boss fight against Abzu.

Ever since the remake was teased back during E3 2015, people have been desperate for more information, but Square Enix has always been pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair. More information about this exclusivity should be coming along as Final Fantasy VII Remake gets closer to its March 3, 2020 release date.

The company is already hard at work on Part 2 of the series, including later parts of the game, so we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

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