Make a Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft for tasty treats

How to find and carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

Since it’s the month of October, and we’re heading into the holiday season, there are a lot of pumpkins around. Players in various games are decking themselves out in Haloween costumes and jut busy gathering the orange melon by the hundreds for crafting and other purposes. The same is true in Minecraft.

There’s a special treat in the game that you probably want to put some of those pumpkins to use for. Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft is pretty useful and very easy to make. You will need to get three ingredients together. Once you have the three items below, you can make pies.

  • Pumpkin
  • Egg
  • Sugar

One of each can be used to make one Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft. Pumpkin can be grown from seeds or found at villages. Eggs come from chickens, and are a random drop from live chickens. Sugar can be processed from Sugar Cane.

You don’t need to worry about placement inside the crafting table. The three items just need to be in there. And of course, you can make entire stacks by putting up to 64 of each ingredient into the crafting window.

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And since you’re probably busy carving pumpkins, there is likely going to be plenty of them leftover that you can make use of during this month.

You can easily churn out an entire stack of 64 Pumpkin Pies and carry them with you into battle. They’re very handy as a nutritious food that restores plenty of hunger and can help with healing. . Pumpkin Pies restore 8 hunger and give the player 4 resilience against it as well. They are one of the better options for food, given that they’re pretty easy to put together.

And in case you’re the more visual type, here’s a snapshot of the recipe in-game:

How to make a Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft


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