How to put on equipment in MLB The Show 22

How to start Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22

Road to the Show gives you the traditional career mode in MLB The Show 22.  It’s a beloved entry into the roster of modes in these games, and it’s a lot of fun. Fans get to take their created characters to the top of the mountain in pro baseball. MLB The Show 22 is taking the career mode to a new level this year. The RTTS mode has many moving parts. Gamers need to manage them all to make a solid ballplayer. And the career mode won’t make things easy. There are a lot of different terms you need to learn.

The mode also includes various customization options to mess around with. Road to the Show makes no bones about the fact that you need to constantly develop your skills. A huge part of that is the decisions you make when creating and altering your player. When you change around your gear before a game, it will alter how you perform. Here is how to put equipment on your player in MLB The Show 22.

Managing your character is key, and you have a lot of things to mess around with. Your player is going to need equipment to wear on the field. Think of this stuff like your gear in a traditional RPG, as the Equipment in this game will alter your stats. There are actually two types of equipment. You can alter your Uniforms via the Appearance menu, and that’s purely cosmetic. The other option is to head into your My Ballplayer menu and edit Equipment from there. That will modify your stats instead.

The equipment in MLB The Show 22 also combines with Perks to help augment your focus as a player on a certain playstyle. Your Archetype and the choices you make will play a major role in your skills on the field.

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The list of Perks is as follows:

  • Break
  • Contact
  • Control
  • Fielding
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Velocity

Perks will have the biggest impact on more players when it comes to focusing on an Archetype. When combined with the right kind of gear, you can make a great player, amazing.

Focus on completing challenges to get better. The more things you manage to do, the better your rewards will be. You can get perks and equipment in MLB The Show 22 for completing these challenges. Usually, it will offer a stat upgrade as well. You can even head to the Community Marketplace to buy and sell these items. Stubs are what player cards bought and sold for on the Community Marketplace. Put that currency to use and buy some upgrades.

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