How To Make Bells Fast In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to upgrade Nook’s Cranny to Nooklings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bells are the main currency in all of the Animal Crossing games, including the new Switch version. Players are going to need a ton of these to pay for new items at shops, build upgrades and new buildings, and to buy just about anything else. The Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are pretty useful. So given that all of that’s established, what are the fastest ways to get Bells in Animal Crossing?

Use the tips below and sell your finds at Nook’s Cranny to earn a steady stream of income. Be sure to reinvest as much as you can back into the town though, as you will need that infrastructure later. As long as you keep at it, and keep replacing your gear when you have the cash to spare, you will be earning more Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons than you can ever hope to spend.

Sell Fruit

Fruit is another great source of income in the game. It’s also the first thing you will do to earn cash in the early game. The easiest way to earn Bells is to sell the fruit that grows across the island your on. Any single piece of Fruit from your own island can sell for 100 Bells, while Fruit gathered from other islands is marked as foreign Fruit and will sell for up to 500 of the things.

This is where the real money comes in as sometimes Perfect Fruit can spawn. These golden prizes from your own islands can be sold for 600 Bells. Perfect variants from other areas can net up to an incredible 3,000 Bells apiece.

It’s also a good idea to shake trees and see what falls out. Be careful of trees that have no Fruit, as they can sometimes anger Wasps and cause chaos. Although sometimes you get lucky and can grab some interesting and valuable drops.

Sell Fish and Bugs

You’re already going to need to gather a bunch of these to unlock a few different items and complete some tasks, so keep hoarding them to trade in for more Bells. Similar to fossils, different varieties can be sold for huge financial gain. Fish are worth far more though, with rare spawns like the Oarfish selling for 9,000 a pop. More common catches like the Sea Bass will sell for 400 Bells.

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Bugs are worth a fair bit less, with a Common Butterfly fetching 160 Bells, whereas the Mantis sells for 430.

Sell Fossils

Make sure you have the Shovel though, and not the DIY Flimsy Shovel either, it breaks way too soon for it to be an economical way of making Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Keep an eye out for glowing cracks in the ground, these are the random Fossil spawns. Always bring your Shovel and dig these when you find them.

You will need to do a fair bit of digging, but it’s well worth it. Some Fossils, like the the Quetzal Torso, Right Petra Wing and Plesio Tail will all sell for 4,500 Bells. Rarer drops can fetch up to 5,000. Be sure to sell these at the Museum, not the shop though.

Sell Weeds

Something that many new Animal Crossing players miss is that there’s value in the Weeds. Picking all of the weeds off of your home island can yield a bunch of clumps of 99 Weeds. These can be sold to the shop for 990 Bells. It is pretty easy money while you’re out picking Fruit or digging Fossils.

Money Trees

Sometimes you might come across glowing golden lights beneath the ground, this is normally where you would dig up Fossils, but there is a bit of a hidden mechanic. Every once in a while, digging these holes will grant you a prize of 1,000 Bells. Don’t run off and spend them though, rebury them in the same hole and come back in a few days. There will be a freshly grown Bell Tree there that yields 3,000 Bells every time you grab its harvest.

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