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Telltale titles being delisted from storefronts

Telltale Ditching Old Engine

In a bit of bad news for adventure game fans, a new announcement from GOG has confirmed something that some gamers have feared for a while. GOG has announced that they will be delisting the entire Telltale Games stable from their storefront on Monday, May 27, 10am UTC.

This includes the titles The Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, Telltale’s Batman series, Sam & Max series, Puzzle Agent series, Tales From the Borderlands, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

With the controversial closure of Telltale Games last year, after years of declining sales, many gamers knew this day was coming. That closure came after tons of layoffs set off major alarm bells in the industry, and ultimately left hundreds out of a job. Some of their ongoing projects, like The Walking Dead The Final Season, were rescued by other companies picking up development, but most games were left out in the cold.

It’s very clear that the closure has had a major negative impact on the staying power of these games, as if that wasn’t obvious. And with the closure the genre also took a big hit in popularity. Gamers are just kind of tired of the formula, so we probably won’t see new games of this type for a while. So sadly, no Marvel movie tie-in games are due as adventure titles, in one sad example.

If you’ve already purchased any of these games, at least on GOG, you’ll retain access to the games on your account. So if you haven’t picked up any Telltale titles, like the incredibly fun and hilarious Tales from the Borderlands, now is likely your last chance.

And with the recent reveal of GOG Galaxy 2.0, CD Projekt Red and are probably looking to cleanup house a little bit ahead of the launch of the new frontend, so this removal is probably part of that.

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