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The Innsmouth Case Now Available for Switch

Lovecraftian Horror comes to Switch with The Innsmouth Case

Good news horror fans! The Innsmouth Case is a new Lovecraftian horror title headed to the portable console. The narrative-driven adventure offers a wealth of replayability and interesting choices to be had, as you try to survive the horrifying depths of the human mind. And of course, the equally terrifying setting of Innsmouth, with all its fishy weirdness.

The visual novel has been haunting mobile devices for a few months now, so it seems like a good fit to slither its way over to the Switch. The players are tasked with uncovering the mystery surrounding the disappearance of one Tabitha Marsh, who has gone dark under some very strange circumstances.

As you play, you’ll be presented with various choices in the typical choose-your-own-adventure conventions of the genre. The Innsmouth Case features a mix of horror and humor, making it the first scary-comedy-text-adventure of its kind.  It’s not too huge a departure from the tone of the source material, as there’s tons of scares to be had. Still, expect a few tricks up its shadowy sleeve.

If that seems like your kind of game, check it out. Check out the trailer for the Switch port below.

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The Innsmouth Case is available now on Nintendo Switch for £13.49 (£8.76 with the special 35% launch discount) and is also out now for PC and Mac via Steam and iOS and Android mobile.

The game isn’t pulling any punches for being on portable either. The cast of 20 animated characters has as much life and mystery as one would expect from such a game. As you peel back the layers of the mystery, each character can reveal new and interesting details. Expect plenty of red herrings though, as the game is just trying to trick you at many points. After all, what’s a Lovecraft story without fake-outs and misdirection.

If you’re truly clever and able to fend off the influence of those who shall not be named, you can unlock one of 27 different unique endings to the game. Keep in mind the type of game you’re playing though, not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows by the end.

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