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PlanetSide Arena launches on Steam Early Access

Daybreak Announces PlanetSide Arena, a 500 player Battle Royale

Planetside Arena, a game that’s been equal parts confusing and exciting for online shooter fans, is finally out. Although it’s only out in the barest sense of the word through Steam Early Access. Content seems pretty bare, but the core gameplay is functional and offers a fun distraction for those looking for a mixture of battle royale and PlanetSide’s pulse-pounding action.

After all, it’s kind of understandable why people might not be as excited about a new PlanetSide game as people familiar with the franchise in general might expect. From the outset, the fanbase that enjoyed PlanetSide 2 were skeptical. This new title offered a complete departure from the varied and sprawling maps and factional warfare offered by the franchise up to this point, which had admittedly been rather mismanaged in the last few years, and were not all that hyped over the franchise chasing the battle royale trend. The game was delayed multiple times as well, adding to the confusion surrounding the title.

Check out the game in action in the trailer down below.

And as the whole thing starts to draw the attention of the wider games industry, people are starting to react, and things seem a bit mixed. Though the mix of verticality and mobility offers a significant departure from the gameplay style, and when combined with the mixed roles of the different classes and their tools it makes the game interesting, but many players suspect that the amount of content in-game is too meager.

Here’s the details on those three classes, as well as their kit:

    • Escape Jet (F Key): Launches character at accelerated speed
    • Flash Totem (5 Key): Places a totem that blinds nearby enemies when activated
    • Has access to Carbines and Mods that improve speed and mobility
    • Team Heal (F Key): Activates area of effect (AoE) aura that heals you/allies
    • Shield Totem (5 Key): Places a totem that buffs shield regen time of nearby allies
    • Has access to Scout Rifles, can revive teammates faster than other classes
    • Spitfire Turret (F Key): Deploys auto turret that targets enemy players/vehicles
    • Hardlight Barrier (5 Key): Places a barrier to use as cover for you/allies
    • Has access to LMGs and Mods that improve utility
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And if you’re brand new to the game or the franchise, the developer has put out some helpful information for you. Daybreak has published some introductory guides on each class – AssaultMedic, and Engineer – that might be helpful to new players looking to jump into the fight right away.

PlanetSide Arena is a free-to-play title, but of course it has a couple of premium bundles you can spend some cash on. There’s  the PlanetSide Arena: Recruit Edition ($19.99) includes the exclusive Alpha Strike banner and 80 NS-0 Standard Crates. And if you want to spend even more money for extra rewards, there’s also a Legendary Edition priced at $49.99; which includes the Alpha Strike banner, 200 NS-0 Standard Crates, and four exclusive skins (M-20 Tempest Hoverbike, and Alpha Strike Armors for the Medic, Assault, and Engineer). These skins will only be available during Early Access.

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