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GOG Galaxy 2.0 announced, includes multi-platform support

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Announced

CD Projekt, owners of, have announced that their flagship games store is getting a few face. This takes the form of a new iteration of GOG Galaxy. The platform allows gamers to centralize all of their DRM-free titles from the website into one launcher, while also managing updates and news about the games they own.

The big new draw announced so far is that the new version of GOG’s platform will allow gamers to curate every game they own across multiple platforms, centralizing their entire collection. This is in addition to other features like statistics for games you play, as well as a new engine for discovering games you might like on the store.

Players will also have access to unified friends lists and chat services, as well as leaderboards and other stats tracking for games, which is pretty great.

So whether it’s gaming along or chatting with friends about new purchases, achievements, or just cool gaming moments, there’s lots of potential for gamers to enjoy on the new version of the platform. Some gamers are rightfully concerned about handing over such control with another new platform, CD Projekt is aware of these concerns and want to make something very clear.

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CD Projekt and by extension GOG has long been a champion of user support and choice, so the company is making it very clear that they want the users to do what’s best for them. GOG will not only not share user data with third-parties, they’re also giving users a choice for what features of GOG Galaxy to make use of.

We’re not in the business of users’ data. GOG GALAXY 2.0 is only importing information from connected platforms – you always know what is imported through official integrations. Additionally we’ve made the community created integrations open-source, to ensure the transparency of imported data.

The beta for this new version begin sometime soon. And interested users can sign up via the website. So if the idea of a centralized game collection and other features interests you, go get your sign-up on.

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